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Apr 28 '13

Did the Ludum Dare game challenge  with two other folks. I was in charge of art, including the player character, monsters, and backgrounds. As well as prompts, title, etc.

The theme this year was minimalism, and so we were planning a survival horror game that used sensory deprivation. But alas, we didn’t get too far. Unfamiliarity with the engine (Unity) and trying to make a 3D engine make a 2D game made it tough. We also had to try to make the actual character animations move several different ways, and only just found a way that works. So it’s been frustrating. But it was a great learning experience. I’m proud of the amount of work I got done (these scenes are only a few of them, and each scene has several variables that can be turned off and on).

There’s interest in seeing this game go further past the game jam. We’ll see!